About Me Born and raised in a small island town in British Columbia, Canada, now a 3rd generation woodworker, I have always been around wood. Raised in family of timberframers/carpenters, I have always had access to a shop and tools, but ironically stumbled backwards into a career as a carpenter, and to a growing extent, hobbyist woodworker. My first exposure to woodworking, in any serious capacity, came in the summer time, paying my way through university. I was fortunate to have good teachers at such a young age. Their keen eye for detail, and extensive knowledge of the craft spilled over and has aided me in developing a passion for making things with my own two hands.

Woodworking is a pursuit that allows me to be autonomous and creative, something that is evident in the original pieces I create. Often inspired by an individual piece of lumber, the final product is something that shows my appreciation for the time honored craft of woodworking. Using a “hybrid” approach that includes both hand and power tools, I try to blend modern design with traditional craftsmanship, always pushing the envelope of what I am capable of. From thoughts and designs, to techniques and mistakes, this blog is meant to document my evolution as a woodworker. I hope to showcase my creations, create informative articles, and give my perspective on anything else I find interesting along the way. I hope you follow along as I document my projects from the shop, home, and work.

Chris Zumkeller



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