Based in Campbell River, BC, we are a family of craftsmen who love what we do. Respectful of the beauty of the materials we work with, we are interested in creating timeless custom furniture with heirloom workmanship. We hope that each piece we create will far outlast us and will be passed down from generation to generation.

We are constantly learning and ever evolving our style and approach to building. Much of the beauty, and a source of pride for us, is in the attention we pay to small details. From the type of joinery we use to the finish we apply, each detail is researched and chosen with longevity in mind. We draw much of our inspiration from each individual piece of wood we work with, as well as the natural environment around us. We are fortunate to live on the west coast where there are trees, mountains, lakes, rivers, and oceans at our doorstep, and our pieces reflect back to these natural elements. Our west coast roots are evident in our projects and are true to who we are as creators.

We genuinely love working with our hands and are passionate about building exceptional pieces. We design, create, and build, in house. Because of this, each piece that goes out the door is built with the same care and attention to detail as the pieces we put in our own homes.

Each piece is designed, sourced, and built in Campbell River, BC. Much of our work is from local materials, highlighting the beautiful array of woods we have available to us.

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Woodworker in shop with tools


While pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Victoria, he started his Carpentry apprenticeship. This was the beginning of Chris’ passion for woodworking. Always one to dive head first into whatever he does, woodworking is no exception. From small artistic pieces, to larger furniture pieces, Chris’ woodworking interests are ever expanding.

Woodworker in shop with tools


With over 35 years of experience as a timberframer, Mark brings years of woodworking knowledge to the shop. His wide range of skills allow him to tackle any project that comes through our doors. In addition to his years of woodworking experience, he also has been using AutoCAD to draw and design architectural works, furniture pieces, and anything else he sees fit. His technical expertise and attention to detail are second to none. When Mark isn’t in the shop he can be found with a fishing rod in his hand, or on the trails mountain biking.


From a very young age, showing an aptitude for working with his hands, Mike has always been a maker. In his youth, using miles of tape to hold things together, he has advanced to using complex joinery methods that will stand the test of time. His talent for woodworking is accompanied by a propensity towards metalworking. When Mike isn’t creating something, he’s usually flying through the air on his mountain bike.